What to Bring

Here is a list of the things that we brought along.  Remember that we ‘cheated’ and had tent, sleeping bags and dinner delivered to us each night.  We’ll bring them along the next time!

We brought a cell phone along because we thought it might be useful to tell our wives how we are doing in terms of them delivering our tents.  It also would be stupid to stand at the campground wondering where our tents are! But, we found that cell phones work only close to Timberline Lodge and nowhere else!

John brought his GPS along.  It tended to loose signal when we were in the woods.  But, its altimeter feature was very useful for finding where we were on the Mt. Hood Wilderness map.  Using a watch to time the next entry on my spreadsheet is probably the best way to keep from getting lost.

I also bought a magnesium fire starting block at REI.  I think it’s worthless!  The storm proof matches work great.

Overnight Gear




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