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Here there are some pictures of the Timberline Hike that I did with two friends in September of 2004. It’s a terrific 40-mile hike around Mt. Hood Oregon, USA. We hiked the loop in three days. We’ll definitely do this again, but take at least four days the next time so we have time to stop and enjoy the scenery.

In the summer of 2005, we hiked in the Engadine Valley of Switzerland.  This was a six-day, self guided hike arranged by Ryder Walker Alpine Adventures.

Snow Skiing

Here are some of my favorite snowskiing pictures.  Here are a few pictures from four heliskiing trips with TLH in British Columbia, Canada.  Each time I’ve been there, I’ve had such a great time that I wouldn’t consider trying a different heliskiing company!

My favorite ski areas are: The Summit and Northwest Express at Mt. Bachelor, Glacier Express at Blackcomb, Lone Peak Tram and Challenger lifts at Big Sky, Under the Tram at Alyeska, All of Alta and the Outback area at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl.

Water Skiing

Here are some waterskiing pictures on Oswego Lake from 2001 – 2005.  This is typically done at 6:00AM and requires “fun” friends who are willing to roll out of bed to enjoy the flat water.


Here are some pictures of climbing Monkey Face at Smith Rock in 2004.  I first saw climbers on the Monkey Face in the early 90’s.  Back then, I thought these people were crazy – but now I’m one of them!

Here are some pictures from climing the West Ridge of Mt. Washington in October of 2005.  It’s located in the Oregon Cascades and can be accessed from the Big Lake / Hoodoo exit on Highway 20, at the top of Santiam Pass.

I never thought about climbing until 1999 when my son was invited to an indoor climbing birthday party at Club Sport in Tualatin Oregon.  I must have been looking with interest because the “party belayer” asked me if I wanted to give it a try.  I did an easy 25 foot route followed by a 45 foot route.  Reaching the top gave me a real good feeling and I was hooked.

My first outdoor experience was at Smith Rock.  This came about because a work colleague from Germany was visiting Oregon and I asked him if there was anything special that he wanted to see or do, and of course it was climbing at Smith Rock.  My wife found a brochure from First AscentClimbing Service.  We signed up for a day and had a great time.  Even though I’m now comfortable leading the easy stuff, I’ve continued to treat myself to a yearly session with Jim Ablao, who is now the owner of Chockstone Climbing Guides.  I get to explore new routes and improve my climbing skills.


Model Railroad

This is my “safe” hobby, although I managed to stick an Exacto knife deep into my finger once.  I’ve never hurt myself that badly from any of my other hobbies!  Here are some pictures and more information.

Odds and Ends

Here is some stuff I wish I knew sooner.  Maybe it will help you out.  Here is some maintenance that I’ve done on my 2002 Mercedes SLK 230 (R170 chasis).