HO Model Railroad Pictures

Here are some pictures of my layout.  Click on any image for a full size view.

This is what the entire layout looks like.  The sky is fake — it’s hiding the water heater, furnace and the rest of my basement!  The amusement park section is off the picture to the right.  It’s 12′ x 12′ L shape:

Entire Layout
Entire Layout – modified version of the M123 layout in the Fleischmann HO M3 Layout book from the early 1960’s
Lots of Trains!
This is what my main station looks like. I added two trains for the picture, but it can hold seven trains during normal operation.
1. Roco 43728 Italian switching engine (BR 214.4)
2. Fleischmann 1372 “Schienenbus” (Rail Bus) from the late 1960’s
3. End of Fleischmann old-time freight train. Pulled by Fleischmann 4823 KPEV Type T16. (Part of Fleischmann 4893 limited series.)
4. Fleischmann 4021 0-6-0 steam engine BR 89 DRG pulling crane work train.
5. End of Fleischmann “Schnellzug”
6. Fleischmann 4033 “Zahnradbahn”
7. Fleischmann 4938 Diesel Class V 160. Protoype engines were built until 1979.
8. Fleischmann 1363 type ’50’ 2-10-0 steam engine (now sold as 4175 or 4177).
9. Fleischmann 4438 “Triebwagen” (Railcar) Class 614 of the DB
1. Kibri B-9487 “Stellwerk Marbach” (signal control building)
2. Vollmer 3538 “Bahnsteig” (Station platform)
Main (city) station
Main (city) station
Main (city) station
Main (city) station

Fleischmann 1363 type ’50’ 2-10-0 steam engine.  The “Stellwerk Marbach” is Kibri B-9487 from the late 1960’s (a few parts have broken off).  It’s still available today.

I took this picture with a digital camera in relatively low light to blurr the moving train on the adjacent track.  The steam is from a Seuthe smoke generator.

Fleischmann 1363; Kibri B-9487 "Stellwerk Marbach"
Fleischmann 1363; Kibri B-9487 “Stellwerk Marbach”
Lindental Station
Steam passenger train heading though Lindental Station.
Fleischmann 4033
Fleischmann 4033 “Zahnradbahn”

This is the top station of the my cog train (Zhanradbahn):

Fleischmann 481103
Fleischmann 481103 Zhanradbahn at Susch ski station (Pola #740)
Fleischmann 4823
Rebuilt Kibri bridge (after 40+ years).
Fleischmann 4823 steam engine
Rebuilt Kibri bridge (after 40+ years).
Roco 63832
Roco 63832
6252 Turntable
Fleischmann Union Pacific 1367 on 6252 Turntable
Fleischmann 4181
Fleischmann 4181
Fleischmann 1350
Fleischmann 1350 — I had fun painting it to match the passenger cars.
Updated: January 2017
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