Passenger Compartment Dust Filter Replacement

2002 Mercedes SLK 230
(R170 Chassis)

At 40,000 miles, I took a look at the passenger compartment dust filter.  I was amazed how dirty it was — apparently replacing it is not on the list of things that are done under Mercedes warrantee.

It’s located on passenger side just below the glove box.  Start by removing two phillips screws:
Dust Filter Replacement

Lower the front of the cover slightly and pull towards you to release it from a tab toward the front of the car:
Dust Filter Replacement

Slide the two white plastic latches toward the end of the rectangular plastic cover (away from each-other).  This photo shows the front latch.
Dust Filter Replacement

The rectangular cover drops down.  You can now pull out the dust filter:
Dust Filter

Installation of the new filter is the reverse.  Be sure to align the plastic tab at the front of the final plastic cover — before putting the phillips screws back in.

Plastic tab at front of lower dashboard cover.

Updated: January 2017
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