Spark Plug Replacement

2002 Mercedes SLK 230
(R170 Chassis)

I replaced my spark plugs at 50,000 miles.  The procedure is a bit tricky because you first have to remove the coil assemblies, which requires a Torx Socket set (such as Car Quest STL 26750 — $17.99).

Start by removing the three hex screws on the orange “Compressor” cover.  This gives you access to the spark plug coils:
SLK Spark Plug Coils

Remove the wire harness from each coil by pressing down on the lever and pulling straight out:
Coil Wire Harness Removal

Notice that the coils are held in by Torx bolts.  You’ll need a Torx socket to remove these:
Torx Bolt on Spark Plug Coil

You can now just pull out the coil assembly:
Removing the Coil Assembly

The Spark Plugs can now be replaced with a standard spark plug socket and extension.

Assembly is the reverse procedure.

Updated: January 2017
Contact: Hoeren at Comcast dot net