Rear View Mirror

2002 Mercedes SLK 230
(R170 Chassis)

After 10 years, my inside rear view mirror started looking like a lava lamp.  This happened just after I cleaned it with glass cleaner.  I bought a new mirror at our local Discount Import Parts.  Here are the steps I used to replace it.

Start by removing the dome light cover with a small flat screw driver:
Dome Light Cover Removal

Remove the two Philips screws:
Windshield finisher cover removal

Remove four Philips screws that hold the two visors:
Remove the Visor

The windshield finish cover is now loose.  Gently pull it up and toward the back of the car.  Notice the brass clips on the top and sides.
Windshield finish cover removal

Disconnect the wiring from the mirror using a small screwdriver:
Rear view mirror wiring connection

The mirror can now be removed by inserting a small screwdriver into the access hole at the bottom.  Use the screwdriver to rotate the mirror 90 degrees.  Here is a picture once the mirror has been removed.  Notice that I’m using the screw at the center to pry against:
Rear view mirror removal
Mirror installation is the opposite.  It took me several tries to get both clips to attach because I wasn’t holding the mirror base flat against the windshield.

Reinstall the windshield finish cover by sliding it in from the back of the car.  Make sure the top brass guides slide into their receptacles:
Windshiled cover installation

In the process, one of the side clips came off.  It was no problem to glue it back on with some epoxy:
Windshield cover side clip

At this point, check that all the rubber seals correctly surround the windshield cover.  Then, replace the screws in the dome light and the visors.

Updated: January 2017
Contact: GerdHoeren at Gmail dot com