Heater Control Dashboard Light Replacement

2002 Mercedes SLK 230
(R170 Chassis)

Heater Control Dashboard Light Replacement

About a month after the warranty on my SLK 230 ended, the dash light for one of the heater controls went out. It’s easy to replace. Just pull the knob off and there’s a tiny grain of wheat bulb behind the knob.

I removed the knob using two small screw drivers. They won’t scratch the stainless steel ring at the edge of the heater control.
Removing Heater Control KnobThen, I used two tiny screw drivers to get the old bulb out. Paper clips might work if you don’t have screw drivers that are small enough. The replacement bulb just pops in.
Heater Control Dashboard Bulb

I got the replacement bulb for about $1 at Car Quest. Its brightness is identical to the original Mercedes bulb.

Updated: January 2017
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