I’m real good with electrical and mechanical things. ¬†But, scenery is a real challenge for me.

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Kibri B-9494 Stuttgart-Rohr station.
Kibri B-9494 Stuttgart-Rohr station.
Faller B-276
Faller B-276 Farmhouse closeup. The figures are Preiser 10044 “On the Farm”.
This building is from the late 1960’s, but it’s available again in the current Faller catalog.
“At the Lake”
Kibri B-8040
Pola 654 “Susch” train station and ski area at day. This is the end-station for the “zahnradbahn” (cog train) — just off the right of the picture. I built the ski lift in the background from scratch and yes, it really moves. The building on the left is Kibri B-8040.
Ski Station at night
Ski Station at night
View of the mountain area.
"Old Town" construction site.
“Old Town” construction site.
Scratch-built tree
Scratch-built tree — foliage is from the arts and crafts store.
Preiser 16327
Old-time horse-drawn farm cart.
Part of Preiser 16327 unpainted farm figure set. Painting horses is hard!
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