Items for Sale

Here are some items that I have for sale.  Click on any image for full-size view.  Send me an e-mail if you are interested and I will be happy to send you additional close-up pictures. My e-mail address is: Hoeren at Comcast dot net.

I can ship to US, Canada  or overseas via USPS Priority Mail.  You are welcome to return an item for a full refund within 30 days if you pay for the return shipment.  I can provide customer references and accept payment via PayPal.

All of these items are in very good condition.  Many items are in their original Fleischmann box.  I’ve gone through all of the engines to clean the armature, brushes, bearings, gears and wiring connections.

Gerd Hoeren
Lake Oswego, OR

Fleischmann 1366 American 4-6-2 Union Pacific Steam Locomotive.
Fleischmann 1366 American 4-6-2 Union Pacific Steam Locomotive.

SOLD: American 4-6-2 Union Pacific Steam Locomotive. $150.00.

Excellent condition. Runs very well. Motor and gear train has been thoroughly cleaned and oiled. With instruction sheet and original box (some carton damage). Single headlight is on in both directions of travel.

This model was offered by Fleischmann from 1959 through 1964 (This model is a 1366-2).

Fleischmann 1429

SOLD: Fleischmann 1429 Union Pacific Box Car $20.00

Has been converted to Kadee couplers. I’m happy to reinstall the original Fleischmann hook couplers.

Fleischmann 1425

Fleischmann 1425 N.Y.C. Flat car in original box. I have two available for $15.00 each.

Fleischmann 1426
Fleischmann 1426

Fleischmann 1426: High Side Gondola. $20.00 in original box.

Herpa LKW
Schenker Logistics, Herpa LKW from Fleischmann 5272 low floor wagon.

Herpa truck from that I bought with a Fleischmann 5272 low floor wagon.  It’s too modern for my Epoch II/II layout: $10.

Vollmer 3538

Vollmer 3538Station platforms from several Vollmer 3538 kits. $10.00

NEM 362 Couplers
NEM 362 Couplers


NEM 362 couplers for Roco and Märklin: $10 for all 33 couplers

If you’re looking for spare parts, look at this page.

Updated: March 2022
Contact: GerdHoeren at Gmail dot com